Conditions of small postal employee loans and online simulation

Small postal dependent loans correspond to various loans. The ex post office products are among the most convenient. Let’s see why choose them, what rates they expect and what requirements they require to get them.

Stays for former post office employees: what they offer and why choose them

Stays for former post office employees: what they offer and why choose them

The small postal dependent loans that we are going to negotiate are granted by Social Institute and imply a repayment plan on the assignment of the fifth.

The transfer of the fifth provides for an installment of not more than 20% of the salary, retained by the monthly payment. Another aspect to consider is the duration, which corresponds to one, two, three or four years.

As regards the sums that are provided by the pension institution, we have variable amounts: the minimum credit is equal to one month, the maximum one corresponds to eight times the salary.

The loan request can be submitted by employees of post office and associated companies. There is a fundamental requirement to be respected: two years of service seniority. The application must not be submitted for any reason.

Interest rate for small loans for post office employees

Interest rate for small loans for post office employees

One of the most relevant elements is the interest rate. The pension institution has set a fixed Taeg corresponding to 5.00%. But how to get small postal employees loans ? Those interested in these loans must download the application form from the Social Institute.

Various documents must be added to the application, here are what they are:

  • copy of the last paycheck;
  • salary certificate provided by post office or companies associated with the Group through the relevant Administrative Point;
  • photocopy of identity document.

The methods of request

The methods of request

We come to another central point of our analysis of small postal dependent loans: the application procedures. The application can be submitted in two ways. The first is sending by post, here is the address to use:

  • Social Institute – Central Credit and Welfare Department – Credit Performance Area – Via Aldo Ballarin, 42 – 00142 Rome.

The other solution is online submission. The Social Institute.it portal must be used. The user must access the “Online services” area, from here the path to follow is: “post office” – “Access services”..

Social Institute loan simulation ex post office

Social Institute loan simulation ex post office

To verify in detail the repayment plan for small loans, you can use the loan simulation service implemented on the Social Institute.it portal.

To reach the simulator, simply connect to the official Social Institute portal and from the home page click on the link All services, located at the top left. Once you arrive on the page where all the services of the site are indicated, to find the one of our interest you need to filter the results.

Part of the name of the service, called Management of the Italian Post Office, must be entered in the Free Text field: Simulation of small loan calculation and multi-year loan. Clicking on the link will access the simulator without needing to authenticate with the Pin Social Institute.


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