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Here are the news related to Loans directly from the Social Institue management ex Government Agency 2018/2019.

Government Agency 2020 loans: advances and news

Government Agency 2020 loans: advances and news

In this section of Government Agency-prestiti.it you will find all the guides, laws and advice of our experts regarding Social Institue loans ex Government Agency.
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Credit card and debit card differences, commonalities and costs

Credit card and debit card differences, commonalities and costs

There is often confusion between credit card and debit card, but how do they differ and which of the two payment instruments is the most convenient? In many circumstances the use of electronic money is very practical and easy to manage. Credit cards and debit cards are two systems for dealing with expenses of various kinds.

100% first home mortgages with Guarantee Fund Although the effects of the crisis seem to wane, there are still many Italians who cannot buy a home using traditional 80% mortgage loans. The reason is simple: the accumulated savings are not enough to support the cost of housing not covered by the loan.

Discounted mortgage 2019 for home purchase and study children

Discounted mortgage 2019 for home purchase and study children

How to get a first-rate mortgage at a subsidized rate For months, the interest rates applied to mortgage loans have been at historic lows, thanks above all to the MCB’s Quantitative Easing. Nevertheless, future borrowers are always looking for the cheapest offer. And in the current market, one of the most attractive proposals is the rate mortgage 

In 2019 requests for holiday loans are growing A growing share of Italians are resorting to holiday loans. Loans that are subscribed to meet travel and accommodation costs. This is what emerges from a recent analysis conducted taking into consideration the market trend in the first 5 months

What are the best online loans offers of June 2019 In recent years online loans have gained significant appreciation from Italians. More and more compatriots are resorting to loans granted online to obtain credit at a subsidized interest rate. In fact, banks that grant credit lines electronically usually charge fees

Here’s how to find the most advantageous second home mortgage deals of the moment


When a second home mortgage is really affordable The second home is a rather popular form of investment in recent years. The trend is experiencing a positive period above all thanks to the reduction in property prices and the particularly favorable rates applied to second home mortgages. In particular, the interest of Italians who invest in brick

How to get a 100 percent mortgage The one hundred percent mortgage is one of the most sought after products among long term loans. This is a credit line, as a mortgage guarantee, which allows you to cover the total cost of purchasing the property. Obtaining such a loan is not easy, but

Apply for a loan without a paycheck: what to do to receive a loan

Apply for a loan without a paycheck: what to do to receive a loan

Those who do not have a fixed salary can still obtain the desired funding. Requesting a loan without a paycheck is not so simple, however, the market must be analyzed and the offers suitable for your profile must be found. The options that make up loans without a paycheck Requesting a loan without a paycheck corresponds to a process that

When it comes to financing, association with rates is inevitable. Which is the most convenient? On paper, zero-rate personal loans seem the most advantageous option, but is it really so? It is a category of products highly appreciated by the public in the consumer credit sector. The debtor is therefore a consumer who has decided


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